Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha INNOCENT (manga)
Innocent manga
Promotion image for INNOCENT manga
Manga series
AuthorMasaki Tsuzuki
IllustratorShūichi Kawakami
PublisherKadokawa Shoten
Original runJuly 26, 2012 – March 25, 2014

The manga Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha INNOCENT (魔法少女リリカルなのはINNOCENT Mahō Shōjo Ririkaru Nanoha Inosento) serves as an explanation of story and settings, and presumably a promotional material of the namesake social game.

The INNOCENT manga, illustrated by Shūichi Kawakami (aka SYU), a former doujin illustrator of the Nanoha series, is first published on CompAce magazine in July 2012 for the prologue and from October 2012 to March 2014 for main chapters, with its sequel Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha INNOCENTS following.


Each chapter title is fully styled as "DUEL:XX「Title」".

00"On Your Mark!" (ON YOUR MARK!)July 26, 2012
01"Rerise up!"October 26, 2012
02"First Stage!"November 26, 2012
03"Speed & Shoot!"December 26, 2012
04"Welcome to Yagamido!" (おいでませ八神堂! Oidemase Yagamidō)January 26, 2013
04.5"My Home & My Family"February 26, 2013
05"Sky Dodge"March 26, 2013
06"Break Shot!"April 26, 2013
07"Sacred Burst!"May 25, 2013
08"Team Name"June 26, 2013
08.5"A Day of Mine and My Family's" (私と家族の一日 Watashi to Kazoku no Ichinichi)July 26, 2013
09"Granz Laboratory!" (Granz laboratory!)September 26, 2013
10"First Lesson!"October 26, 2013
11"Fight for Dinner!"November 26, 2013
12"Growing Elements"December 26, 2013
13"Unison Heart"January 25, 2014
14"Next Step"March 25, 2014

A total of three bound volumes have been published to cover all the chapters, followed by three more for its sequel Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha INNOCENTS. There is also a side story series known as Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Material Girls. INNOCENT.


The series adopts a star system for the characters, starring most characters from other Nanoha productions. However, without any setting related to magic, humanoid characters are universally humans, e.g. Fate Testarossa (originally an Artificial Mage), Reinforce (originally a Unison Device), Vita (originally a Wolkenritter), Materials and Gears; whilst Yuuno Scrya and all Familiars, like Alph, become pets.

Characters are mainly attributed to four different shops, including:


Generally, the designs from year 2012 onward (starting with The MOVIE 2nd A's) are adopted for devices, avatars and skill templates of different styles.