Precia Testarossa
Character profile
FamilyTestarossa family
WorkHobby Shop T&H
Brave Duel
Energy colorPurple
Duel nameSpark Girl Precia Chan (youth image)
Japanese nameプレシア・テスタロッサ
(Pureshia Tesutarossa)
First app.INNOCENT (ch.0)

Precia Testarossa (プレシア・テスタロッサ Pureshia Tesutarossa) is one of the shopkeepers at Hobby Shop T&H along with Lindy Harlaown. She was originally a main antagonist (spelt as Presea Testarossa) introduced in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. In the INNOCENT spin-off series, she is a mother to two daughters, Alicia (originally her deceased daughter) and Fate (originally an artificial clone of Alicia).


Precia is a caring and loving person. She cares to both of her daughters and always have a sense whenever the two of them are in problem and danger.


Precia is one of the shopkeepers at Hobby Shop T&H. She and Lindy are good friends since long time ago, and they are currently living together, as their husbands are on expatriate assignment together.

Brave Duel PowersEdit

Precia Avatar

Precia wielding her whip in her Avatar

Precia's Device is yet to be named in the series. Like the original series, it possesses at least the staff and whip forms. Her personal card specialises in lightning-based skills.


Precia's primary avatar is an unnamed Attack type.[1]

When Precia was young, she was good at and titled Dimensional Arch Mage (次元大魔導師 Jigen Daimadōshi) in a magic battle simulation game. Her primary avatar has made use of the converted data from this game. On another hand, her youth image in this game also becomes a secondary avatar in the cards, with the title Spark Girl Precia Chan (雷光少女プレシアちゃん Raikō Shōjo Pureshia chan).


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