Vivio Takamachi
Vivio Avatar
Vivio in her Sacred type avatar
Character profile
FamilyTakamachi family
Brave Duel
Primary avatarSacred
Av. custom or versionWhite
DeviceSacred Heart
Energy colorIridescent
Duel nameSaint King
Japanese name高町ヴィヴィオ
(Takamachi Vivio)

Vivio Takamachi (高町ヴィヴィオ Takamachi Vivio) is Nanoha Takamachi and (possibly) Fate Testarossa's daughter from the future. She and her best friend, Einhart Stratos, time-travel back to 10 years ago due to a problem with Jail Scaglietti's new machine.



She's a cheerful, outspoken and friendly girl, she can be a bit careless as well and tends to speak before thinking.


It is revealed that Vivio, along with Einhart Stratos have travel back in time due to an experiment of Jail Scaglietti, the purpose of the experiment is to perform real time duels against duelists from the past.

She's a 4th year at St. Hilde, she along with Einhart are in the Junior Division and were chosen as Uminari's representatives in her timeline, it was also hinted that she's the daughter of Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa (In chapter 15 of the manga when Vivio almost spilled that Fate was her "mama" when asked, but Einhart stopped her and said that if they were to talk about her birth it would cause a time paradox. Later in the same chapter, she almost called Nanoha "mama" as well).

Brave Duel PowersEdit


Vivio's primary avatar is Sacred type, which is same as her mother's.


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